Current Exhibition

“WET: A Juried Exhibition”


(Snow Date: March 18th. Please Call if in Doubt)


Gallery Seven presents “WET” a juried exhibition assembled by Gallery Seven co-owners Nick Johnson and Kelli Costa. Thirty six pieces of artwork were chosen from close to 300 images submitted by artists from across the country. The artwork in this exhibition ranges from representational to the more abstract and portrays the theme of “wet” using a variety of mediums.


In Tom Whelan’s photograph, “Drop Space IV”, we find pearls of water embracing strands of a cobweb. He depicts the delicacy of the droplets so well that one just wants to reach out and touch them. The same can be said about Gillian Orlinsky’s painting “Carlisle Cranberries”.  She details baubles of cranberries clinging to their vines and up above a few are daintily bouncing atop the water’s surface waiting to be plucked. Miranda Aisling’s oil painting “Faded Purples” depicts a rainbow of colors delicately dripping down the canvas, while Janet Albert’s mixed media abstract “Tidal” (awarded Honorable Mention) is a splash of exploding hues of blues and greens.


Irene Stapleford and Kaylee Cataldo-Perry bring us images of a dreamlike nature. Stapleford’s depiction of a person silently floating in a surreal environment of red water in her mixed media piece “Swimmer, Unaware” is quiet and meditative. While Cataldo-Perry’s photograph, “Aftermath”, is a composite of images digitally arranged creating a surreal world of water flowing down a staircase inside of a building while seagulls hover in the open sky overhead. “Best in Show” went to Shantel Rich for her stunning photograph “Before the Fall” where we see an outstretched hand emerging from the darkness catching a ball of water; the shot is breathtaking. Janet Schwartz’s skillful hand brings us “Storm Clouds”, (awarded Honorable Mention), an oil painting looking through a rain covered windshield of a car on a highway. The stream of water is so realistic one feels as if they are in the car on this dark and dreary day.


Sara Slee Brown’s collage on wood, “Study in Blue and Grey”, portrays a restaurant off in the distance. The light from the structure shimmers across the water straight to the viewer, drawing one’s eye to the figures on the boardwalk who are silently making their way through the fog. Jaina Cipriano and Marcia Geier both portray images of people in their black and white photographs. Cipriano’s self portrait, “Water is Everything”, (awarded Honorable Mention) is a striking close up combining droplets of water and soapsuds streaming down her face. While Geier’s image only shows the torso of a well built male, “Moustapha”, with beads of water glistening off of his chiseled physique. From landscapes and still lifes, to portraits and abstracts, to the surreal, the work in this exhibition shows us the infinite possibilities when interpreting the concept of WET.


ARTISTS: Miranda Aisling, Janet Albert, Bob Bass, Robert C. Bicknell, Bob Bird, Margo Cascella, Kaylee Cataldo-Perry, Jaina Cipriano, Roy DiTosti, Marcia Geier, Amanda Grafe, Sherie Harkins, Lonnie Harvey, John Heymann, Brent Mathison, Yair Melamed, Debi Milligan, Amy Nichols, Gillian Orlinsky, Sidhartha Pani, Irina Parfenova, Mary Power, Luca Riccò, Shantel Rich, Dan Rocha, Janet Schwartz, Sara Slee Brown, Solei, Irene Stapleford, Tom Whelan, and Neil Wilkins.


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