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Gallery Seven presents “Painting in Pastels” with works by Linée Baird, Lola Chaisson, Cindy Crimmin, Ella B. Delyanis, Shelly Eager, and Pamela Wamala. In this exhibition one will find still lifes, street scenes, and landscapes by 6 talented artists. Three of the artists focus on landscapes as their subject matter, each bringing a different feeling to their work.


Aptly entitled “Meditation Colors” Pamela Wamala’s four dreamlike pastels from this series, in hues of deep rich blues and purples, highlight the beauty and peaceful setting of the sea and sky. One is instantly taken to a place of serenity when viewing her work. Artist Lola Chaisson depicts landscapes ranging from dunes to farmlands to winter scenes. In “Mattison Field” she gives us an intense red crop in the foreground encompassed by greens and blues, while in “Early Snow” we feel the stark beauty of what we imagine are leafless trees atop a lightly snow covered ground. Ella B. Delyanis brings us on a journey through woodlands. With scenes of ponds and trees, portraying the beauty of lush green hills with large open skies in “Summer on Tower Hill” and a rocky lined pond with a dense forest in the background in “Acadia Mystery Pond”.


Artist Cindy Crimmin’s still lifes center on food. From apples to pears to wedges of cheese her work is reminiscent of old world elegance. In “Simple Repast” a small sample of cheese rests on a board surrounded by pears with a cloth gently draped over the edge of the countertop. While in “Apples” we find a carton of apples set askew between a blue pitcher and jar of preserves. Shelly Eager’s still lifes lead us into a boutique where hats are prominently on display. Three out of the four pastels in the exhibition focus on the same three hats, but with a different perspective. “Tip of the Hat” brings the viewer right in close whereas if one feels like they could reach out and touch them. “Hats x Three” pulls one out a little further and “Three Heads are Better Than One” introduces a dapper gentleman contemplating the top hat in the middle.


Lastly, artist Linée Baird brings us scenes from the streets of Taiwan and France. “Scooters on the Go” and “Zhongzheng District” show a bustling city with people on the sidewalks and traffic coming and going. It could be any city in the world given the featureless faces, but for a few signs with Asian script. The city scenes from France convey the opposite feeling, one of peace and quiet solitude as can be seen in “Steps on Avignon” where we find a sole person sitting on the steps enveloped by large stone structures bringing us back to another time. Baird skillfully uses all muted colors except for the gentleman’s red shirt and matching red door.

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