Current Exhibition


“TRANSCENDENCE” Photographs by Nick Johnson

November 15th – January 30th

Nick Johnson has been a fine art photographer for over 40 years and he works exclusively with a large format camera. All of his photographs are created in the studio using slate and flagstones. They are often cut into shapes, chiseled and sanded, and all of the stones are painted. The light source is one light bulb shining through a white sheet which is stretched over a wooden frame, much like a large soft box. The photographs are all made with a 4×5 camera and there is no darkroom trickery used in making the images. The photographs with reflections are created by placing the stones in a large tray of water.

The idea to build his subjects grew out of a difficulty in finding things to photograph that looked and felt like what he could see in his mind. What has motivated him over the last 42 years to create this work is a belief that there are new dimensions and harmonies to be found within the formal visual language. Johnson has an extensive exhibition record including pieces in the permanent collections of the Danforth and Fitchburg Art Museums and his work has also appeared in Black and White magazine.





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