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Gallery Seven presents “Perfect Pairs” an exhibition of artwork by 3 couples: Larry Blumsack & Carol Wintle; Curvin Huber & Catriona Baker; Dave Kaphammer & Janet Schwartz. Carol Wintle, a psychotherapist for over 30 years, has always explored her artistic side. As a child she wrote poems and in college she painted, but it wasn’t until she took a collage class several years ago that she really found her creative outlet. Her mixed media collages straddle the line between abstract expressionism and surrealism. Fragments of life densely and colorfully layered with faces, objects, animals, and words exude an old world feeling with a modern flare. In contrast, her husband Larry Blumsack works with the elegance of line and form in his monoprint series. Blumsack works in many mediums and states that his black and white photographs are often the inspiration for many of his monoprints. From his pieces “Charles” to “pas de deux” he skillfully captures the essence of human movement by continuing the outstretched limbs beyond where they would normally end, thus depicting his subjects fluidly dancing across the paper.


The husband and wife team of Curvin Huber and Catriona Baker meld their complementary backgrounds of fine art and technology to create animations. Both artists are professors of animation, Baker at Lesley University, and Huber at Becker College. “Every Two Minutes” uses the iconography and symbolism of Charles Perrault’s, 1697 fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood to juxtapose the innocence of a fairy tale with the brutality of assault. Statistically, a sexual assault occurs every two minutes and in this 56 second animation the viewer is led through a multitude of emotions from joy and lightness to fear and darkness. “Could This Be You?” is an animation using rabbits created to bring awareness to the prevention of relationship violence through the arts as part of a social justice interdisciplinary project at Lesley University. While Baker brings her skills as a fine artist, Huber utilizes his background in computer science to develop their narratives and together they have created two very powerful and moving works of art.


Janet Schwartz has been drawing and painting her entire life, but has only started showing seriously in the last 3 years. Her passion is rainy traffic scenes and she describes her work “as realism with and impressionist edge”. She works in pastels to capture her dreamlike traffic images. When looking at her work one is instantly transported into the driver’s seat and is mesmerized by the soft blur of raindrops and taillights spread across the windshield. Her husband Dave Kaphammer loves nature and landscapes, but one day while sketching a car a friend commented that he should make it larger. He did and what resulted is his lovely pastel “Vintage”, a frontal view of a Mercedes on the road with spots of sunshine gleaming off its sleek curves. He states, “I do love cars, but what I really liked was that the reflections on a car are so similar to water reflections, and the shadows on a car are just like those in a landscape.” Some collaborate together, some work in the same medium, some express similarities in their work while others portray quite distinct differences. All in all it is interesting to see the works of these 6 individual artists side by side with their spouse.


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